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While weight management and muscle gain are primary goals for joining a fitness class, Endeavor with Jase focuses on movement and motivation, which are key to achieving these goals. Anyone can benefit from our workout regardless of their fitness level. Whether you are looking to be more active, meet people, or both, our environment is fun, inclusive and friendly.


Suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, our one-hour aerobic workout is designed to target major muscle groups effectively. This group fitness class encompasses various elements crucial to overall fitness, including cardiovascular endurance, strength, flexibility, agility, and speed. We encourage participants to set and work towards their personal fitness goals, fostering a sense of individual achievement.

Our class is specifically structured as a low-impact workout, ensuring that whether you’re a seasoned athlete or recovering from a knee or joint injury, you’ll receive an excellent workout that promotes your overall well-being. Your health and safety are paramount to us. We firmly believe that a low-impact workout can be just as effective as high-impact alternatives, all while significantly reducing the risk of injury.

The class commences with motivational words to inspire and motivate, followed by a traditional warm-up that incorporates stretching and aerobic exercises to elevate your heart rate. We then transition to the conditioning phase, maintaining an elevated heart rate while focusing on:

  • Upper body exercises that target the triceps, biceps, shoulders, and chest.
  • Core exercises aimed at strengthening your abdominal muscles and obliques.
  • Lower body exercises that engage the quadriceps, glutes, and calf muscles.

The session concludes with a soothing cooldown and stretching routine, preparing you for a comfortable transition after class.

Join us at the Demuth Park Community Center in Palm Springs for an invigorating workout experience. Our indoor space is nice and cool in the summer, while keeping you dry and cozy during cooler months.  Class times are set at 7:30 – 8:30am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Schedule updates are emailed to memberes as well as announced on our group Facebook page.  Come and be part of our vibrant fitness community!


Classes are free!

Membership for Endeavor with Jase is free to all community members and visitors.  Tips and Donations are appreciated, but not required. Payment should not be a factor when deciding on whether to participate or not.  Just sign up and show up.. its that easy!

Reach Your Goals

Because movement and regular activity are vital to achieving better health, all individuals can benefit from our programs regardless of fitness goals.   

Weight Loss

I firmly advocate that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is rooted in a balanced approach, encompassing a nutritious diet, consistent physical activity, and a positive mindset. However, exercise, on its own, has the potential to contribute significantly to weight loss and its maintenance. Incorporating aerobic activities, such as participation in a group fitness class, into your daily regimen stimulates your body to utilize a greater proportion of the energy it takes in.


Our program offers the opportunity to target and strengthen all major muscle groups. You can commence at a level that suits your comfort, with the option to advance to higher levels as you see fit. Whether you choose to incorporate lightweights to amplify the intensity of our exercises or rely on your body’s natural resistance, the power to customize your workout experience is entirely in your hands. In any case, you’ll enjoy an effective workout while maintaining full control of your fitness journey.


Engaging in cardiovascular training is associated with reducing blood pressure, maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar, and effectively managing anxiety. Our programs are thoughtfully crafted to elevate your heart rate and enhance blood circulation. Our workouts are accompanied by music, carefully paced at 135 beats per minute, ensuring an invigorating exercise experience that promotes these health benefits.