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Get Fit

a fitness program for you

While weight management and muscle gain are primary goals for joining a fitness class, Endeavor with Jase focuses on movement and motivation, which are key to achieving these goals. Anyone can benefit from our workout regardless of their fitness level. Whether you are looking to be more active, meet people, or both, our environment is fun, inclusive and friendly.

Group Fitness Class

Beneficial for all fitness levels, our 1 hour aerobic workout focuses on all major muscle groups. Key components of the group fitness class will include cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, agility and speed. Attendees will be encouraged to set and strive to achieve personal fitness goals.

Our class is low impact.  Whether you are a vibrant athlete or are recovering from a knee or joint injury, get a great workout that your body will thank you for. Your health and safety are my priority.   It is my belief that a low impact workout can be just as effective as high impact, without the added risk of injury.

The class begins with words of inspiration for the day, then a traditional warm-up that includes stretching and aerobic exercises that elevate your heart rate.

The conditioning portion follows which consists of:

  • Upper body exercises that target triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest.
  • Core exercises that target your abdominal muscles and obliques.
  • Lower body exercises that target your quadriceps, glutes, and calves.

Class then concludes with a cool down and stretching to prepare you for your journey after class.

Join us at Demuth Park in Palm Springs for a great workout!  We operate in the comfort of the Demuth Community Center during the week, and outdoors on Saturdays with beautiful views of the San Jacinto Mountains!  Classes are at 7:30 – 8:30am on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Classes are free!

Membership for Endeavor with Jase is free to all community members and visitors.  Tips and Donations are appreciated, but not required. Payment should not be a factor when deciding on whether to participate or not.  Just sign up and show up.. its that easy!

Reach Your Goals

Because movement and regular activity are vital to achieving better health, all individuals can benefit from our programs regardless of fitness goals.   

Weight Loss

It is my firm believe that a healthy diet, regular exercise and the right mindset are the foundation to maintaining a healthy weight, but exercise alone can help you lose weight and keep it off.  By adding aerobic activity such as a group fitness class to your routine, your body begins to burn more of the energy that is being consumed.  


Our program provides you the ability to work out all major muscle groups. You have the option to start at a level that is comfortable to you, and progress to a higher level if desired. You may use lightweights to increase the intensity of our programs, or use the weight of your own body.  Either way, you get a great workout and are in complete control.  


Cardiovascular exercise is linked to the lowering of blood pressure, managing cholesterol levels, regulating blood sugar and managing anxiety.  Our programs are designed to get your heart rate up and your blood flowing.