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At our inclusive low impact fitness class, we strive to create a diverse and welcoming space for all individuals, regardless of their background, ability, or fitness level. Led by a passionate and certified group fitness instructor of color from the American Council on Exercise, our mission is to empower and inspire through the power of representation. By embracing diversity and promoting inclusivity, we aim to make everyone feel valued and accepted, fostering a sense of belonging and unity within our fitness community. Through low impact exercises tailored to individual needs, we endeavor to promote overall well-being and encourage each participant on their journey to a healthier, happier lifestyle. Join us, and together, let’s embrace the strength of diversity while achieving our fitness goals with joy and support.

Group Fitness

While weight management and muscle gain can be primary goals for joining a fitness class, “Endeavor with Jase” focuses on movement and motivation, which are key to achieving these goals. Our environment is fun, inclusive and friendly. Our class is pre-choreographed to provide members a consistent workout designed to target specific muscle groups and improve overall cardio health.

Body Conditioning

Beneficial for all fitness levels, our 1 hour aerobic and conditioning hybrid workout focuses on all major muscle groups. Key components of the group fitness class include cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility and agility. Attendees will be encouraged to set and strive to achieve personal fitness goals.  Get a great workout in a non-competitive environment .

low impact

Low impact exercise offers several benefits, including reduced stress on joints, decreased risk of injury, and improved cardiovascular health. It can also be gentler on the body, making it especially suitable for people with certain medical conditions or those recovering from injuries. Additionally, low impact exercises can help enhance flexibility, balance, and overall physical fitness without putting excessive strain on the body.  


“Jase has a special way of encouraging folks of all ages to be active and create wellness in their lives. Representation is important to Jase – he endeavors to create an all inclusive environment where everyone, especially minorities and underrepresented communities, can feel seen and welcomed by seeing someone they can relate to leading a class.  He is a very good instructor and contributor to our local community.”

Steven Henke

Director of Brand Marketing, DAP Health

“Jase is a dedicated community member with a great energy. His ability to bring a diverse group of people together and make them feel welcome align perfectly with his talents as a fitness instructor. I am excited to be a member of Endeavor.”

Raul Rodriguez Landeros

Development Manager, LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert

“Exercising is, of course, about putting your energy and spirit into the effort, but that is a two-way street when you’re in a class trying to follow an instructor. Jase has a radiating, positive gentleness that puts you at ease, motivates you and makes you feel warm and welcome!  I have seen and felt this wonderful combination in action during his classes. I actually experienced joy sweating my butt off!  Ha!  He encourages you to participate at whatever level you are comfortable at the time, yet helps you strive for your goals. I have found his workouts to be great for my body and my mind.”

Ross A. Bodle

Retired, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, US Department of Veteran Affairs

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Endeavor with Jase, a Free Community Fitness class with a Focus on Inclusion and Diversity at Demuth Park in Palm Spring

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