About Us


While weight management and muscle gain can be primary goals for joining a fitness class, Endeavor with Jase focuses on movement and motivation, which are key to achieving these goals. Representation is important. My mission is to create and promote a diverse fitness environment that is inclusive of everyone, regardless of age, body type, fitness level, gender identity, or ethnicity. My promise is to use my best effort to create a safe comfortable experience for members so that they can focus on achieving their goals.

Palm Springs, having ranked number one LGBT friendly city by Palm Springs Life, is a welcoming town. A small yet steady increase in ethnic diversity over the years provides an opportunity for community support and programs that celebrates our differences. As a person of color who at times has felt like an outsider in the fitness world, my hope is for people to find comfort in an all-inclusive diverse class that celebrates our differences. As an Instructor, I believe that the environment of our programs is my responsibility. It is my promise to you that I will do everything I can to make your experience a welcoming and enjoyable one.


Meet Jase

Founder/Fitness Instructor

My name is Jase Nagaia, and I am an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor in Palm Springs. I have been teaching Group Fitness since 2021 and love helping others stay active and prioritize their health.  I am no stranger to the fitness world, in fact I have been participating in fitness classes for decades. I live a pretty active life, but did struggle for a short period with weight. After getting it under control I decided I wanted to help others. Through representation and example, it is my goal to provide a diverse and inclusive fitness environment so that classmates can feel comfortable and focus on what’s most important, their health.  I started instructing during the pandemic and decided to start Endeavor to provide the community with a low impact fitness course. I love teaching and hope to do it for many years to come. 

I am a native Californian, but my family is originally from the Fiji Islands.  I love to travel, eat good food (in moderation) and enjoy our beautiful city.  I also work full-time in Marketing and am actively involved in the community.  I love helping others and am excited to achieve that through my class.